6 major Grapefruit  Benefits 

1. Weight  loss 

2. Cellulite Reduction 

3. Cancer Fighter

4. Immunity Booster 

5. Stroke Risk Reducer

6. Skin Health and Appearance Enhancer

Just thinking 

I was thinking about doing a podcast. Im doing research on it. I want to introduce music that has been forgotten. There’s so much music out there.  Music move so fast and before you know it,  the music is gone. We passed up a lot of good music. Thats where i come in. I wanted to play the forgotten music the music that just didn’t make it on the radio or anywhere  else, and in my opinion given time could of been a hit. Some artist we know and some we don’t know. So tell me what you think? Any suggestions?  


I love beets. I chopped off the ends put the beets in foil fold the foil on all sides so no heat escapes. Like a little mini crock pot. Bake for 40 mins. On 360 or until soft. Let cool. When done peel skin off with your hands. Your hands will be red but not for long when you rinse your hands in warm water afterwards.Skin comes right off. It’s so delicious and sweet. 

Dont throw the leaves away, pluck leaves off stem rinse well. Put leaves in medium pan. Add your seasoning, onions  and garlic. The leaves will cook way way down like cabbage does. Your still getting great nutrients from the leaves so don’t let that go to waste.

8 benefits of Beets

1. High in Antioxidants 

2. Relieve inflammation 

3. Promote Heart Health 

4. Aid in Detoxification 

5. Boosts  Brain Function 

6. Support Digestion Health 

7. Enhance Athletic Performance 

8. Increase Weight Loss 


8 Avocado Benefits 

1. Improved heart Health 

2. Lower risk for Metabolic Syndrome 

3. Healthy skin, Eyes and Hair

4. Cancer Prevention 

5. Help with weight loss

6. Better Digestion Health 

7. Protection from insulin resistance and diabetes 

8. Better hormonal balance and Cognitive function 


This is lunch, Turkey breast, with brown rice and sweet potato.

I baked a small organic turkey on Sunday and it last for about week. There’s  alot of different ways to have Turkey. You can have it as a side dish, make sandwiches and also have it in your salads.