Lima Beans

Blood sugar- Prevents blood sugar levels from rapidly spiking after a meal. Lima beans are a good choice for people with diabetes, insulin resistance or hypoglycemia.

Sulfite Detoxification- Sulfite are a preservative added to prepared foods such as delicatessen salads and salad bars. People who are allergic to Sulfites sometimes experience rapid heartbeat, headache, or disorientation if they ingest them. A cup of lima beans per day may prevent you from suffering these symptoms.

Digestive Tract Benefits- studies have shown that the insoluble fiber in lima beans helps increase stool bulk and prevent constipation.

Cardiovascular Benefits- their high fiber content is the number one factor in the Cholesterol lowering power of beans.

Energy Booster- As well as being rich in slow burning complex carbohydrates lima beans can increase your energy by contributing to the body’s iron stores. Besides which lima beans are a better source for iron than red meat, as they are low in calories and practically fat free.

High in protein- if you’d like to cut back a bit on your red meat intake lima beans make a great replacement source of protein. When combined with a whole grain lima beans provide levels of protein on par with red meat or dairy, without the high calories or the saturated fat.

Bone Strength- the manganese and calcium in lima beans combine forces to maintain strong bones, and along with other trace minerals may combat osteoporosis.

Who knew that lima beans had that many nutrients?. This is definitely a power food ,and i will be adding this to my list of must haves.


Every time i go to the store i try new fruits and vegetables, I figure this is my life eating healthy. So i bought a Papaya never tried one before, it was so good!!! and surprisingly sweet. I cut out all the black seeds it tasted bitter.

PAPAYA or paw paw is a orange colored juicy fruit, which is not only fragrant and delicious but also very healthy. It has been famous for hundreds of years and was once referred to as the “fruit of the angels”

Health benefits of Papaya

1. Aids in Digestion

2. Weight loss

3. Prevents infections

4. Relieves Toothache

5. Anticancer Properties

6. Skin care

7. Improves Heart Health

8. Reduces Acne & burns

9. Anti-inflammatory Effects

10. Helps prevent macular degeneration

11. Relieves constipation

12. Regulates Menstruation

13. Prevents Arthritis